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Legal Marijuana Colorado

Casstleman’s bar in Denver hosted on 11-20-12 a legal marijuana symposium.  The recording can be viewed below.  8 attorneys discuss how marijuana legalization will transform Colorado into a tourist mecca for cannabis seeds, smoking lounges, and large scale grow operations.


Rare Dankness Seeds

Colorado medical marijuana laws have led to a proliferation of excellent marijuana seed producers in our great State of Pot.  Rare Dankness Seeds won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup for their efforts to create awesome Colorado marijuana strains.  Rare Dankness won first prize for Sativa!  This is huge for putting Colorado on the map as an awesome place for cannabis.  RareDankness is getting some very awesome reviews from those who have experienced this seed company.

How does one purchase seeds produced in Colorado?  The answer is you can not purchase seeds from Colorado seed companies in Colorado unless from authorized dispensaries.  How do I purchase marijuana seeds from Rare Dankness?  Though cannabis seeds are available to medical marijuana patients at licensed Colorado dispensaries, most cannabis cultivators aren’t privilege to such convenience and will have to resort to underground means.  Here’s how:

Go to Attitude Seed Bank and check out the selection of seeds available from Colorado Rare Dankness marijuana seed bank.  Attitude is a clearing house style seed bank and represents many cannabis seed companies from all over Earth.  Though it is illegal to import cannabis seeds into the US, from our personal experience, there is never a problem.  Pick your seed, place your order and Attitude will get you your seeds.  It’s a bit of a round about way to obtain your marijuana seeds especially if you are already in Colorado, but fear not, you will get your seeds in the mail 7 – 14 days later.  So what are you waiting for, use Attitude Seed Bank and get your marijuana seeds today!  Here is the direct link to: order some Rare Dankness Seeds


UPDATE: 2-6-12:

Some of the information previously written above and was incorrect.  TuTone was corrected, corrections include:

  • Rare Dankness Seeds Colorado and the seeds offered on Attitude only share the names Rare Dankness and RD
  • Rare Dankness Seeds sold via Attitude Seed Bank are produced in Spain and California
  • Colorado Rare Dankness seeds are only sold in Colorado at dispensaries in 6 packs

Colorado seed bank

Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Decline

For the fifth straight month in a row Colorado medical marijuana patient numbers according to the CDPHE medical marijuana registry continue to fall.  June of 2011 had the highest number of patients, around 128,000 and only 5 months later that number has fallen to only 80,000.  The 80,000 patients registered were back in November 2011, and with the way numbers of patients are falling, one can only assume now in January 2012 that the numbers are down even more, maybe to only 65,000 patients which means that half of medical marijuana patients in Colorado have chosen to not renew their cards.

A recent Denver Westword article speculated on the reasons for the decline in registered marijuana patients in Colorado and pointed out that the fee for medical marijuana cards dropped from $90 to $35 on January 1, 2012, so many patients may just be waiting for the price break to renew.  High Country Caregiver wants to highlight some reader comments from the Westword article as to other reasons why patients wouldn’t register anymore.

One reader comment from ‘CAREGIVER’ to Denver Westword which got the most ‘likes’ says:

“I serve as a caregiver for lots of patients and am a patient myself.  We all have our recommendations, from our doctors, that are up to date, but none of us are registering with the state.  None of us trust that our information will end up in the hands of the DEA.  I know lots of other caregivers and patents in the same situation because they all to feel the same way.

We all feel it’s much wiser to simply operate like it’s illegal, but keep our doctor’s recommendations, in writing, up to date, just in case we need it.  That’s been working out fine for all of us so far!”

Other medical marijuana patients like PUBLIUS CEASAR point out the invasion of privacy on patients as a reason not to register:

“The reason I didn’t renew is because of the intrusiveness of the system. Tracking how much I buy, taking my picture, etc. I’m legal with just a doctors recommendation, why should I register?”

The CDPHE medical marijuana registry is crashing and drowning under its own weight for a variety of reasons, the chart below illustrates the demise of the CDPHE Colorado medical marijuana registry:


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Newt Gingrich Marijuana

Newt Gingrich could win the 2012 US Presidential Election and even beat Obama if he just changed his views on medical marijuana and recreational cannabis.  Newt Gingrich would benefit from more from marijuana right now than any person in the US.  Change your stance on marijuana Newt and you will win the Presidential Election 2012.

Newt Gingrich flipped views on marijuana legalization over the course of 14 years.  His stance on marijuana began with medical marijuana views in 1982 when he wrote a letter to the American Medical Association stating why marijuana should be legal for medical reasons.  By 1996 Newt was declaring that anyone caught importing more than 2 ounces of marijuana into the US should be executed.  If we can forgive him for sounding a little harsh the importance here is that Newt Gingrich was ahead of his time with cannabis legalization because in Colorado you can grow and possess 2 ounces of cannabis as a medical patient.

Now a decade and half later could Newt Gingrich switch his views on marijuana again.  The Republican Debates will be in Colorado Feb. 7, 2012 and Colorado is certainly ground zero for a marijuana debate on any level.  If Gingrich were to go through with changing his mind on marijuana legalization his ratings would soar!  The marijuana community is less than happy with Obama’s stance on marijuana and could easily be turned to the Republican vote if Newt were to announce a change in view on cannabis.  High Country Caregiver calls for republican front runner to change his view and not criticize but legalize cannabis!

Newt Gingrich Marijuana

Legalize Cannabis 2012

For immediate release, Jan. 11, 2012:  The Legalize2012.com Campaign has released draft language for its ballot initiative that is being proposed for the November 2012 ballot. You can read it online:


The Legalize2012.com Initiative removes all criminal penalties for cannabis use in Colorado and sets up an independent commission to implement the law.  This is a true citizen’s ballot initiative, so all comments are welcome and will be incorporated as they can to further the goals of the amendment.  Public Comments Requested: The ballot initiative will be open for public comments until Monday, Jan. 16, 2012.

Give your feedback by email: info@legalize2012.com  Or participate in a public forum to discuss the amendment:


Know Your Ballot Initiatives: Legalize2012.com is NOT Initiative 30, which is supported by a different group. The Legalize2012.com amendment removes all criminal penalties and gives control of cannabis to the people. I30 gives more control to the police. Read more about the two campaigns on our website. Be prepared to educate yourself and other voters who may be confused by the two campaigns. Click here for a comparison of the two campaigns:


Timeframe: This ballot initiative will be filed with the Secretary of State and have more hearings on the language of it until it is finalized and a ballot title is set. That process should take 2 to 4 weeks. Then the ballot initiative can be printed and circulated for signatures, if sufficient funds are raised.

DONATE ONLINE:  http://www.Legalize2012.com/donate.html

Send all inquiries to:  Legalize2012.com

P.O. Box 19084

Boulder, Colorado 80308

Phone: 877-420-4205

Email: info@legalize2012.com

Web: www.Legalize2012.com

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