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The doors are closed to those who didn’t get their applications in by August 1st to open a medical marijuana center in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Revenue announced that they did receive 717 Center applications, 271 infused edible production licenses (pot brownies), and 1071 applications for optional grow facilities.  Application fees totaled $7.34 million in revenue to support the medical marijuana enforcement division. In total the state of Colorado received over 2000 applications to produce and distribute marijuana in Colorado. CO HB 10 – 1284 authors said that the new bill would cut dispensaries in half, yet the number of applications received alone is double the amount of dispensaries thought in Colorado.  The new regulations actually doubled the amount of dispensaries in Colorado, not cut them in half.  Colorado is a very welcoming state to medical marijuana distribution, and probably just body slammed California as far as the amount of growers willing to put their name on paper and pay the fees.

The real work now begins for the Department of Revenue, sorting through all of the applications, some of which are thousands of pages long with supporting documentation. The DOR has 3 employees, and if they can process 2 applications per day, yea right, they should be done with the 2000+ applications in about 3 years. The application process raised a major question though on Monday 8.2.10 about what defines a 2 year resident in Colorado?? This question is being answered by Matt Cook of the Department of Revenue by the book as “anyone working in the dispensary / center has to be a resident for 2 years”. This is the DOR’s official stance on the rule, although they have also announced that they would not enforce this rule until 2011 when the legislature convenes. Senator Romer, the Godfather of CO HB 10 – 1284 stated that “it was not the intention of the bill for W-2 or 1099 employees to have to meet the strict residency requirements, just owners and stakeholders.”  Jessica Corry says she will sue the Department of Revenue if they act unconstitutionally which she says the new residency rules completely violate constitutional rights and there are no other laws in the US like it.

Many talented pot bakers, growers, and bud tenders have moved to Colorado to work directly in the medical marijuana industry.  Others such as insurance agents, and accountants have moved to Colorado as support for the thousands of dispensaries.  The issue is marijuana, but Colorado is closing the doors to outside workforce, and regardless of the nature of the industry, this really makes a statement to the rest of the country that the doors are closed in Colorado.  Could Colorado be taking control of all marijuana production in the country and guaranteeing a stake to all residents of Colorado?  Cannabis should be free for all to use, and anyone should have their chance as Americans to be able to grow any herbs they choose.
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