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Colorado finally has an official medical marijuana seed company, ‘Centennial Seed Company LTD’ based in Boulder, Colorado.  TuTone had the pleasure of meeting representatives of Centennial Seeds this weekend at the THC Music Festival in Alma.  Centennial is the first seed company in Colorado to supply cannabis varieties from seed.  All varieties offered were mixed sex, male / female varieties.  Centennial’s motto is “It all begins with the seed….”, and the varieties that they offer which we sampled include:

Further (PGP X Purple Rhin IBL)

Roughneck (Jamaica Lambsbread X Purple Rhino IBL)

“21″ (Sweet Tooth X Centennial Blueberry)

Django (Jack Flash F2 X Centennial Blueberry)

Centennial Blueberry (Gnu-3) F3

All samples were placed in moist paper towels in in a closed plastic container and 100% germination was observed within 36 hours.  Sample size was 20 seeds(4 X each of 5 varieties above), 100% germination, 16 chosen to be used within 36 hours.  Centennial, you guys pretty much rule compared to anything out of Europe or the west coast for seeds.  We were particularly impressed with the quality of the Django upon finished product sampling.  Keep up the good work as you keep cannabis varieties OG.  We hear that your Blueberry is some of the finest, most classic Blueberry that can be found in Colorado.  With over 5 years of breeding experience, Centennial has the ability to keep medicinal cannabis production within Colorado starting from seed.  TuTone will keep you posted on history making progress of Colorado original cannabis seeds.

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Colorado Original Marijuana Seeds

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  • http://www.cannabis-spain.com/blog Tiara Shutes

    Nice post, indeed Great blog actuallly. good timing for me actually as I was studying all this material when stumbling across you :-) I will sign up, keep up the excellent work. All the best

  • Matthewkullberg

    farmagene seedbank has been around for two years fyi.

  • http://www.highcountrycaregiver.com High Country Caregiver

    Thanks Matt, tell us more about farmagene!

  • Brad

    Got 35?

  • Kevin

    what is the standard price per gram for Top shelf meds ?

  • Mavrick197610

    $10 per gram don’t sound right to me.

  • Mavrick197610

    hello any one out there

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what GW pharma/Hortapharm have to have about a US seed company such as this. It appears as though the FDA is likely to approve Sativex by the end of FY2013 for medical use in the US. That means doctors can now prescribe sativex, and patients can then drive to a pharmacy such as walgreens, and buy their legal medicinal “cannabis” from the same people who push morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone like it is pez.

    Perhaps GW pharma, or their partner in charge of US distribution (in the future), Otsuka Global, will just buy out Centenial seed company and end all of its liabilities and securities as a means to continue their monopoly. These people are the only company in the world allowed to do what they are doing, which is illegal in most countries (both through cannabis prohibition AND securities laws against monopolies). Their lobbyist was the former deputy drug czar under Bush jr, and one of their main partners is Bayer, who is linked at the hip with Monsanto (who owns BlackwaterUSA). Billionaire George Soros, main shareholder of Monsanto, is funding legaization movements, not because he has any moral obligation, but because he stands to gain billions more from the future emerging cannabis market, both industrial and medicinal. THIS is how capitalism works, and it is not a free market.

    GW pharma and its sativex garbage, which is just cannabis suspended in liquid, is nothing but a world wide scam that will allow the government to control the medicinal cannabis market, and also any future recreational cannabis market. The reason they won’t budge on legalization at the federal level is because the government is wholly owned by industry such as pharma, prison, military contractors, and alcohol/tobacco; these industry stand to gain trillions in dollars from how the federal government chooses to approach cannabis, and it doesn’t take a brilliant mind to see that these industries are pulling the governments strings like a puppet.

    Is that what we call democracy? Pathetic.

  • Rachel Close-Sawyer

     Hi, my name is Rachel. I have 17 years of experience in farming and gardening, I have an Assoc. of Liberal Arts, a Master Gardeners Certificate and about 5 years of sales experience….I’m looking to relocate into Colorful Colorado. Would you be interested in hiring me as an inside employee or for outside sales? My email address is fabfarmer@@hotmail:disqus.comThanks!!

  • Mourningdew420

    im visiting my brother who lives here in boulder and heard about you guys having really good sativa genetics. I would really love to purchase some stains, but im from buffalo and do not have a medicinal card. The people around here (boulder) are really nice and have helped me get meds although havnt been able to find seeds. I dont know if i need a card to purchase any seeds? kinda wierd but ah hopefully not, if you can help me in any way it would be much appreciative, my email is mourningdew420@gmail.com thanks

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