Driving High

Many of us pot heads learn at about the time that we get our driver’s license that driving while high is better than driving sober.  Recent studies show that marijuana does not impair the ability to drive.  Most medical marijuana patients learn to work, play, and also drive while medicated because driving is part of every day life, and just because you use marijuana doesn’t mean that you can’t drive.  Cheech and Chong drove while smoking marijuana in almost every one of their movies which gave everyone the impression that it is OK to drive high.  If Homer Simpson can smoke some weed and drive to work so can you!

Marijuana patients are in pain, and for many the day begins with a few bong hits or vapor bags to take away the pain and get the day motivated in the right direction.  Pot heads are not like alcoholics who loose their driver’s licenses and spend all their money on booze, and most pot heads still have the ability to drive and gas money to get them to their destination.  It’s only natural that the bowl gets packed or the joint gets rolled before jumping behind the wheel.  Ideally you try to smoke your stash before you hit the major boulevards, and you’re driving fast in traffic, but if that’s not possible you will have to learn to drive with your knee so that you can have one hand on the lighter and one hand on the bowl.

Remember that marijuana will not impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle, but distractions can.  Just like you’ve learned to talk on the cell phone, change the radio station, and text while driving, take the time to learn how to smoke pot and drive.  It is an art, but once you learn to master the art of stoned driving, your road rage will go down, those long stop lights can become fun, and you will actually become a safer driver while under the influence of THC because marijuana helps you to focus on the task at hand like driving, and avoid distractions like what the other guy is smoking next to you.  Be sure to plan your stoned driving with some good music, munchies, and coffee, as this is your time to have some fun and drive safely high to your destination.  Forget what the clowns at MADD have to say about driving high, it wasn’t the weed that caused the accident.  As always, pay attention, drive slow pop in your favorite tunes and enjoy that wonderful feeling of driving high!  Jah Bless the High Country of Colorado!  NORML study.

driving and marijuana

If these guys can do it so can I

Homer Simpson Weed

Homer Drives High

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