Marijuana Seed Review

Our 2 seed reviews for November 2010 medical marijuana strains include Roughneck from Centennial Seeds (Boulder, Colorado), and Mr. Nice from Sensi Seed Bank (Via Attitude Seed Bank).  Centennial Seeds Roughneck (pictured first below) is a Purple Rhino cross that is supposed to be about a 65 day flower time on the sativa side.  Mr. Nice is a long flowering sativa which finishes after the 80 day mark and could easily do 90.  The second photo below is the Mr. Nice weed at about 85 days flowered organic in Roots Organic Soil.

Roughneck marijuana strain

Roughneck Centennial Seed Bank

The Mr. Nice has a very long lasting 3 – 4 hour highly sedative feeling which is hard to match in a true sativa.  Take the patience to let this one flower to her full potential, and use soil if you can.  The Attitude Seed bank gets you your seeds in less than a week.  Germination rates can very and prices are high, but attitude rocks, you are sure to get varieties you could never find anywhere else.

The Roughneck is very tall growing and needs to be pruned around the base.  The plant grows into a giant mushroom top that is ripe for pinching and further pruning techniques to maximize potency and yield.  Centennial Seeds may not have quite as big of a genetic pool as Sensi Seeds as a higher proportion of their seeds were male or hermaphrodite after light cycle was switched to 12 / 12.  Overall Roughneck is a welcome addition to the High Country selection of weed reviews.

Sensi Seed Bank, Attitude Seed Bank

Mr Nice Sensi Seed Bank

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  • http://www.buydutchseeds.com/?ref=1494 Marijuana Seeds

    Marijuana issues are long and somewhat difficult – but imporant. So, thanks for bringing the topic up. I want to just say for now that I see a need to separate medical marijuana use issues from what are termed “recreational use” issues.

    There seems to be scads of evidence that Marijuana has many medical properties and these should not be ignored. People can be helped greatly, apparently. So, if necessary, put marijuana under prescription, like many other drugs, and not on the shelf, but don’t ignore its potential. It should be researched and analyzed to death like every other plant, for any benefits. There is still too much snickering going on, even in the medical community. They are lumping the helping of very sick people in with kids getting high under the bleachers at a soccer game. Can you see how this may harm the advancement of relieveing and curing illnesses?

    So, recreational use is whole nother deck of cards, which I won’t get into right now, but I urge people to separate their various arguments in this department, pro and con, from medical use issues, because recreational use debates are clouding that debate. We are essentially talking about two different things.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Lacerenza/100000240564152 Joseph Lacerenza

    Lab uses PCR and Gel electrophoresis for male/female screening of cannabis seedlings http://tinyurl.com/3pb3sqm

  • Denver Grow Man.

    CDS caregivers needs to set there next harvest to produce a bunch of….Rough Neck. Holly Crap this is the next super shit weed in Colorado!!

  • Josjojf

    roughneck is a great strain. the effects are lovely, the fruit is RIPE. my favorite of all time!

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