Marijuana Dispensary Closing

In 2010 when Colorado enacted HB 10 – 1284, the goal of it’s creators was to force close 80% of dispensaries.  What happened after the law was passed?  1100+ dispensaries applied and paid hefty license fees to sell pot in Colorado and be put on stand by to wait for their real license to be delivered or not.  CO HB 10 – 1284 also enabled Colorado Cities and Counties to ban commercial cannabis shops, and that’s exactly what happened in Loveland, Colorado.  The town had a vote on whether to ban dispensaries, and like many communities in Colorado, the voters of Loveland chose to lock the pot shops up for good.  The number of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado is going down, but the amount of patients needing the medicine is rising.

Mountain Medical Leaf is one such dispensary in Loveland Colorado which is having a blow out / give away sale to move their inventory on to patients.  Jason Specht is the unofficial spokesman for an advocacy group Loveland Association of Wellness (LAW) who has been following the marijuana industry in Northern Colorado.  Encouraging patients to buy product is extremely challenging, and those sales aren’t garnering much income for the dissolving shops, Specht said.  “The problem is that these are shark-infested waters,” Specht said. “Everyone knows we’re in a tough spot, so they can get the product very cheap.”  Specht said dispensary owners will sell their product even if it’s not at a very competitive price.  “It’s just a matter of ‘some money is better than no money,’ ” he said. “That’s where we’re at with that.”

High Country Caregiver takes this opportunity to allow marijuana purveyors to continue to sling the herb as a caregiver.  Caregivers are protected by law, will never be voted out of work, and have the opportunity to reach a few select patients for individual care.  If you are among the 80% of dispensaries getting shut down in Colorado, all is not a total loss, as this is an opportunity to go back to your ganja roots and the patient – caregiver model of providing cannabis to the 100,000+ patients looking to buy your weed in the great pot clown state of Colorado.  inhale.co is a marijuana caregiver website 2.0 building program to help catalyze your caregiver business and make the transition from dispensary back to caregiver.  If you haven’t built a marijuana website yet, or if you need some HTML5 templates and marijuana design ideas consider inhale.co, take a deep breathe, you can do this!  Grow your marijuana business while your plants grow, all is not a loss and you’ll be back in the dope game in no time.  Jah bless the High Country and Colorado marijuana.  inhale.co

Pictured below is some organically grown Purple Trainwreck, grown by a caregiver with lots of love.  If you are a patient in Loveland in need of a new marijuana supply, remember Amendment 20 and your caregiver.  When you pass the doochie on the left be sure to mention 420.co, notice the .co domain which we are just loving in the High Country.  Jah Bless!

Purple Erckle X Trainwreck

Purple Erckle X Trainwreck

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