Vote NO Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

The Great Pot State of Colorado just never stops when it comes to talking about weed.  Sure us pot smokers would rather see marijuana legalized so we don’t have to go to the doctor and deal with the CDPHE anymore, but “Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol” is not the answer.  Mason Tvert’s Colorado Pot Clown and Activist has gathered 160,000 signatures from registered Colorado voters to get Initiative 30 on the ballot.

Initiative 30 – Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol got it’s signatures by promoting the initiative as ‘legalization’, which it is not.  For false advertising the prospect of legalization, High Country Caregiver does not support the initiative.  The 3 main reasons for not supporting initiative 30 the false legalization measure are:

  1. It doesn’t allow for outdoor growing of cannabis, this shows the lack of knowledge of the cannabis plant and cultivation by the authors
  2. It particularly attacks 18 – 21 year olds and will lead to more convictions in this age group as Initiative 30 only applies to adults over 21
  3. It creates a new system for prosecuting individuals for driving under the influence of cannabis which as of now is not specified as a DUI in Colorado

It may seem innocent on the surface, but if passed, Initiative 30, Colorado’s false legalization measure would in fact further prohibition in Colorado for an additional 10 years.  The measure gives full control of cannabis to the Colorado Department of Revenue, an agency already burdened with regulating medical marijuana, and allows the DOR to set marijuana regulations in the future, up until 2014.  Regulate marijuana like alcohol makes no sense at all, by definition, marijuana is not an intoxicating substance, and has medical benefit, unlike alcohol.  A similar measure to this one which will be on the 2012 ballot failed in California in 2010 because all of the marijuana growers and medical marijuana businesses voted against it.  It’s estimated in Norther California marijuana grow counties like Trinity County and Mendocino County, that 100,000 voters voted it down.

Initiative 30 – Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol 2012 Colorado must fail.  By definition alone the measure is faulty.  Don’t be fooled fellow pot heads, Mason Tvert is not helping to legalize cannabis, but rather further prohibition.  Visit the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Here.

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  • Phil Abong

    Is it time to start a boycott of Progressive Insurance companies? Without
    the $800,000+ of out-of-state money that Peter Lewis (chairman of
    Progressive) put into this campaign, it would not have seen the light of
    day.  The I30 people have gotten almost no money from Colorado locals
    for this campaign. Ever wonder why the insurance industry is interested
    in marijuana regulation? Could it have anything to do with higher rates
    for pot smokers? There WILL be a registry under I30, a registry if you
    want to buy at a dispensary and a registry if you want a home grow.
    There is no confidentiality requirement in I30. And since it is all
    being run through the DOR, who also runs the DMV, wanna bet they have
    plans to put a green leaf on your drivers license saying you are a mj

    Boycott Progressive Insurance!

  • Anonymous

    *** Regulate Marijuana Like Oregano !! ***

    Only an idiot would want it regulated like deadly destructive alcohol !

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