Colorado will always recognize that medical marijuana began in California, but looking into the near future some things need to be decided. Colorado Bud Vs. California Bud, will be the first contenders in the National Cannabis Olympics one Day. When referring to Cali Bud, we mean Northern Cali Bud, not the So Cal scene that’s already splattering the global news with it’s harsh closure of 400+ dispensaries.

Since National NORML named Denver America’s Cannabis Capital surely there have been many in California wondering what do do with all of their outdoor crops. For years California horded their precious headband and other top shelf bomb drizz varieties and sent the outdoor harvests east. With Colorado now a major obstacle in the eastern path of Cali Bud going east the time has come to set just a few things straight. Is Cali weed better than Colorado weed? High Country Caregiver seeks authority on the matter, maybe the official competition can be held somewhere halfway, in Nevada.

As far as medical marijuana, Colorado really went for it over the past 3 year compared to California. In Colorado, we don’t try to mess around and be non-profit ‘collectives’, we get right to the point add a sales tax and bam, full retail marijuana stores on every major boulevard and up and down every mountain valley. NORML wouldn’t have named Denver America’s Cannabis Capital if it hadn’t been that way for a long time. Our slogans are just known around the country, ‘Rocky Mountain High’, the Denver Nuggets, Boulder, Colorado destination paradise and a pin on any real tokers’ map. Medical Marijuana in Colorado is doing it right and classy, and no one is interfering. Denver has a reputation for a clean, friendly dispensary scene with the medicine to back it up and keep em coming back. California will tire of their OG and come to Colorado for some LGS or Purple Trainwreck where only the purest and the best thrive on the mountain top.

The best dispensary scene in America is Denver, we impose moratoriums and have civil city council meetings, where our medical marijuana industry is protected and supported. Support in of medical marijuana is found at the Core of our people, in our Constitution, in Amendment 20, and Colorado knows that we have come far in showing the world the benefits of medical marijuana to those who need. California will decide this fall whether to legalize marijuana for all and truly free the weed, and of course Colorado will be next to follow suit. Yet to be determined is who has better bud, California, or Colorado.