Bong Hits for Jesus

As we gather with our loved ones this holidaze season and partake in our Christmas rituals let’s not forget the history of Christmas. Take a Bong Hit for Jesus and think about how he likely smoked large blunts of fine East Nile Plateau herb rolled in dank pyrus. Gather with your loved ones, and if there is one who has not smoked herb, introduce them to a toke or two. This is not the time for edibles and vaporizers, do it the way Jesus did, break out the 3 footer and roast some dope for the holidaze. Merry Christmas blaze to all and to all three foot bong hitters a jolly jolly good night. Remember you misses who loves her mistletoe……alright stop, what is mistletoe, it could surely only be medical marijuana in your brand new Christmas wished pipe.

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I write dank blog posts, mainly about news. I am a caregiver in Colorado.