t’s Christmas in the High County, the crowds have made it, the snow is great! For those of you who have had successful harvests this fall season, it’s probably time to show a little ganja love and spread the wealth with some Christmas gifts. Only because I was delighted by this enjoyable beverage, I personally am asking for Kief Kola for Christmas.

Another wonderful product that I have yet to personally try but am waiting to get in my stocking would be a GreenFroggy Medible. Visit GreenFroggy and find out some exciting new healing opportunities like lollipops infused with ganja that will actually help you sleep! The GreenFroggy crew is keeping pot fun in Colorado with cute decorated medibles, and you can always find them on Facebook where they are eager to take your medical marijuana edible experience to a new level.

Even if your marijuana loved one hasn’t started growing yet, they want to. Growing your own marijuana is the ultimate experience, and makes smoking weed 10x more fun when you grow it….FOR FREE! What a better way to motivate your ganja love than to receive some seeds for Christmas. Check out Attitude Seed Bank. They represent over 50 different seed banks, and ship souvenir marijuana seeds to the US all the time. We have personally grown out their Reserva Privada, DNA genetics, and GreenHouse seeds with success. Attitude owns their own seed bank too, DinaFem Seeds, and these English tokers will always throw in a few of their Dinafem seeds free with every order. Try some of the auto-flowering varieties of cannabis to get your harvest jump started, and pick some of those varieties that you’ve been reading about for years. Merry Christmas Ganja week, and happy planting, smoking, and giving the Holidaze spirit.

Don’t sweat it on ordering from Attitude. Attitude seed bank totally rules, within a few hours your order ships and every single time 100% success, the seeds arrive. They even offer a guarantee for the seriously paranoid patients out there.