Leave the booze behind and light up the blunt if you are in High School. High Country Caregiver has never bought into the notions that marijuana is bad for high school people, lowers grades, leads to other drugs, or any of that hoopla. Colorado is a great place for marijuana and there is no reason why kids shouldn’t be able to use medical marijuana in our great state of pot. Amendment 20, the only recognized marijuana law in Colorado has an application that allows for those under 18 to legally obtain medical marijuana. Colorado 18 and under marijuana application. Since kids can now legally obtain marijuana in Colorado, marijuana use among high school students is way up, with as many as 30% of Colorado High School Seniors using marijuana, the good stuff too, on a regular basis.

Just how many teens are using marijuana in the US on a daily basis?, about 46,000 high school students according to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) use marijuana on a daily basis. 46,000 students smoking marijuana sounds bad, but many of those are giving up cigarettes in order to smoke something healthier, marijuana, which has never hurt anyone. It is important living in a State like Colorado where marijuana is legal to educate our children through out their growth about the benefits of marijuana and the dangers of cigarettes, sorry Marlboro, there’s a new smoke in town. Children all over Colorado are learning from the news, their hommies, and our ever increasing social acceptance of natural medicine, that marijuana is simply a better choice than cigarettes and alcohol, and can even heal those who are sick. Talk to your kids about drugs today, smoke a joint with your high school kid today, and be just as cool as school.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug, and like all good things, you have to learn to use herb properly. The first time you smoke marijuana it may not get you high, so keep smoking marijuana, and you will eventually discover the magic of the sacred herb. Jah Bless the High Country, bringing the ‘High’ back to High School legally.