Colorado marijuana patients have swelled to well over 100,000 MMj card holders over the past year because it’s very easy to get your medical cannabis card in Colorado and be free finally of persecution for smoking pot. The marijuana cards in Colorado are valid for exactly 1 year from the time of issue, much more liberal than some states. In Colorado, you get your doctor’s signature, and you are good to go for at least a year because after you send in your paper work, the CDPHE marijuana registry takes time to process the paperwork, and the expiration date is usually a few months after your doctor’s signature. Many patients in Colorado are good for close to 2 years after they see the doctor from the time they first got their marijuana forms filled out. It’s been about 1-1/2 to 2 years now since the Colorado marijuana party began and weed is everywhere, but many of those mmj cards are expired, or about to expire and it’s time for patients to renew their cards.

Why renew your medical marijuana card? Primarily if you are a dispensary shopper you will need a medical marijuana card according to CO HB 10 – 1284. If you wish to visit dispensaries, High Country Caregiver recommends renewing your card. Patients who grow their own or use a caregiver however may want to consider twice whether or not they should renew. New laws about marijuana primarily relate to dispensaries, or centers, but as a patient, you can choose to obide by Amendment 20 instead, the original marijuana law protecting your which does not say it is mandatory to send in your paperwork, pay $90 and have a marijuana card. This is a good option to keep open, keeping your marijuana medicine between you and your doctor, and keeping the state out of it.

The Colorado Department of Revenue fully plans to invade your privacy and share your marijuana use, and purchases with law enforcement, the DEA, insurance companies and the DMV. HCC will not insult your intelligence by telling you the dangers of sharing this information. The medical marijuana registry was supposed to be confidential, but if you choose to go to a dispensary, as a registered patient, a picture of you with your marijuana purchase will be stored to eventually be used against you. Make no mistake Colorado marijuana patients, the old rule of thumb in the drug world always has been to keep your mouth shut. Now is the time to decide if you want to share your information with those dispensary owners on the sinking ship of fulls incriminating themselves. Do not renew your card if you enjoy your freedom, all you need is a caregiver and a doctor’s note.