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Thank you to all for completing the medical marijuana regulations survey for Colorado. You can see the report and analysis here. (.pdf File) We have e-mailed these results to Governor Ritter of Colorado while he decides whether or not to sign CO HB 10 – 1284 (full version, final) becasue over 50% of those surveyed said that Medical Marijuana does not need more regulation and 59% of respondents said they are very dissatisfied with the bill to regulate medical marijuana in Colorado.

Results of the question show that 72% of Coloradoans favor full legalization. This was also a good safeguard to show reliability and validity in the survey because in other surveys, such as the vote in Breckenridge, 73% of the population voted for legalization which mimics our findings in this study about cannabis legalization.

We are asking Governor Ritter not to sign the bill because it limits patient’s access to medical marijuana by telling them they have to choose only one caregiver, or dispensary. Our survey showed that 55% of respondents think that patients should be able to obtain medicine from a variety of sources, and using a dispensary was the least favored method for obtaining medicine.

Governor, we ask you to look at these results before you sign CO HB 10 – 1284.